LURN-lost skills for the modern world is partnering with author, Autumn Giles, of Beyond Canning for this class.

With their roots in medicinal preparations, bitters have been used for centuries to stimulate digestion and cure others ills. In contemporary food culture, we know them as an indispensable ingredient for cocktails. Popular bitters brands such as Angostura even make their way into a variety of recipes from pies to soups.

DIY bitters recipes can have long ingredient lists with items that are sometimes difficult to track down. In this class, we’ll make bitters using common ingredients that you’re likely to already have in your fridge or pantry. We’ll sample some bitters, talk about using bitters in drinks, and folks will leave with their own homemade bitters, a cocktail recipe to use them in, and ideas for crafting their own bitters at home.

Sunday, June 12th




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